Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas - Ready Set Go!

I'm almost ready for Christmas.  YES!  Presents bought, AND wrapped.  Unless I forgot to buy for someone completely, I'm done.  This is's happened before.  So in that case, I do have a couple boxes of chocolates ready as a just in case!

This is the very first year of the 12.5 years we've been married that we'll be spending it at home with me not working.  Yes, we've spent it at home before.  But when you are working 12 hour shifts on Christmas day it takes away from it all. 

I did not expect I'd be able to be home, but hubby's aunt and uncle live just outside of town, and invited hubby's mom, her husband, and his grandmother to come down.  We'll be heading to their place Christmas morning and doing a large family gift opening.  The stress that has been taken away of a) not having to work and b) not having to travel 500km for Christmas has actually made me excited for Christmas to come!  (Ok, the GLEE Christmas episode helped too!)

I havn't done any Christmas cards, partially because my daughters school pictures just came home yesterday.  I'll have to hand deliver the cards with pictures in them to the relatives as we see them over Christmas.

I also havn't done any baking.  I'm a pretty good baker!  But my hand mixer that had been a bridal shower present died a couple months ago (I'm pretty sure I'm getting a new one for Christmas), and I just refreshed my baking ingredients the other day.  I have a couple days...what should I make?  I'm thinking shortbread.  Of all the things I've made, I've never made shortbread.

I'm also trying to figure out where to hang my Christmas cards.  Hubby thinks hanging them on a string with little clips is tacky, but I really like it!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! We managed to get our baking done.....and now I am eatin far too much of it!

  2. Thanks! It was good! Back home now and need to clean up after Christmas...I'd like to take the tree down this weekend.


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