Monday, March 28, 2011

Pregnancy Week 8

I'm in week 8 of my pregnancy.  Still here, no issues so far.  Phew.

I'm a big mess of nerves though.

We still aren't telling, although our daughter does know and can't wait until we can tell the secret.

I will feel safe telling people once my first ultrasound is done.  It is in 2 weeks and one day.  But I really hate the job of telling people, so I might delegate it to hubby and my daughter.

I'm thinking it won't really be a surprise to people who have seen me recently, since I'm already starting to get looks from people, but no one is daring enough to ask, since that would be a complete social faux pas if it didn't turn out to be true!!  My normal pants are now too tight, and I've upgraded into some major stretchy jeans.  Not officially maternity pants, but they will work for a while.

The lovely morning sickness has begun, which I keep telling myself is a good sign, but I really, really hate throwing up!!  With previous pregnancies I've thrown up nearly every day from 6 or 8 weeks until the day I delivered.  Blech.  It makes me not want to eat at all, which isn't ideal either.

I would like to read a pregnancy book (or a few).  The last time I read one was 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  Does anyone have a more recent book to recommend?

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