Friday, April 22, 2011

Pregnancy Week 12

I had my ultrasound and all looked good!  I was really nervous going in, (because I miscarried my last pregnancy), but I could hear the machine going beep, beep, as she was doing measurements and I knew all was ok.  Then the ultrasound tech started giggling, and she said "Only two months, and baby is already moving everywhere!"

I had to wait a while for my report, and it showed that I was actually measuring a few days bigger than I would be by my period date.  Not really a surprise to me.  So, by ultrasound, my due date is 11-11-11.  November 11th, 2011, aka Remembrance Day.

Everyone now knows...we phoned all four sets of parents (both our parents are divorced and remarried), and told our friends.  DD age 9 was really happy to be able to let the secret out, and has been telling everyone she possibly can since!

I have another ultrasound scheduled for May 6th.  It will be the NT ultrasound, and my amniocentesis date is booked for June 1st.  Apparently we should know gender a couple days after the amnio, and full genetic results to find out if baby is affected by OTC within a couple of weeks.

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