Sunday, April 24, 2011

Taking Inventory of Baby Gear 10 Years Later

I've started to take inventory of my baby gear.  This means I'm hopeful all will go well with this pregnancy.  75% chance that it will.  We'll know full results approximately two weeks after my amnio, which is on June 1st.

By January, I will have a 10 year old daughter and a 2 mos old baby.  That's a big time span between kids!  People have started asking me what I will need, so I've started to take a generic inventory.

I have:

A recalled crib with no mattress.
A broken changetable from lending it out.
An exersaucer with toys missing from it.
A highchair.
A few baby girl clothes.
A couple baby blankets.
Nothing else!

The only reason I have clothes is because I've continually lent mine out over the years to people.  They have gone through over a dozen children since my daughter, and many had been handed down to me in the first place.  Each time I get them back, I go through them, and toss anything really dated or overly used/stained/no longer looking in good condition.  But many of the people I've lent them out to have added in pieces from their own collection, knowing that I pass them around.  One girl just passed all of her baby clothes into the box, because very sadly her husband left her after the baby was born.  I don't think anything I have at this point is what I started with!

Somewhere I have cloth diapers with a friend.  I just don't remember who I lent them to anymore!  I think they are with one of three people...I'll have to ask around to see if they are still out there, and if there is any life left in them at this point.

The one thing I never had that I'd like to try is some sort of sling/baby carrier.  Ok, I did have one, but it was a ridiculous Fisher Price model that didn't fit my busty curves!  Does anyone have any suggestions for a sling/carrier that will work for a busty girl?  Or anyone who will custom make one that will work for me, that I can get on/off by myself without taking an hour?  I really don't know much about these, but they look super cute/comfy on women when I see them out and about...  Maybe I can start going up to random people and asking about them when I see them being worn!  (Too creepy??)

I had no maternity clothes left...  I had lent them out and after a few pregnancies were not in great condition.  I do have a few maternity t-shirts still lent out, but I'm not sure if they are still wearable or not.  I bought some bigger stretchy jeans for the meantime since I've outgrown mine, and last week I lucked out at Value Village, finding 3 really nice pairs of Thyme Maternity pants for $8.00 a pair.  Thankyou random person in my perfect size for donating them there!!

I also just ordered a couple Panache (my normal brand of bras) nursing bras.  It's hard enough to find bras to fit, let alone nursing bras!  Panache is a great brand from the UK that goes up to a K cup!! I also need to order a couple normal bras over the next while because it seems that I've already gone up a cup size (the LAST thing I need!!)

So other than the maternity looks like I will still need a fair bit of stuff.  If you need a review done for baby items/maternity items, I'd be happy to!  I'm feeling a little behind the times since it's been so long since my last child!

I've also been asked if anyone will be throwing me a baby shower.  I'm thinking it's a little early to even think about that, but do people even *have* baby showers for a second child?

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  1. Are you on the Island sometime soon? I've got baby items you can have! :) Little One is now 2.5 years old and I can part with some items! Let me know! xo


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