Monday, June 20, 2011

Still Waiting on Genetic Results from Yale

I'm still waiting, and more than a little peeved/aggravated about it.  Last time we went through this (8 years ago) we knew (the bad) conclusive results 13 days after the amnio. 

It's now been 3 weeks, and no word.

The difference (I think) is that OHIP is trying to save money, which I somewhat understand, as the testing is extremely expensive.  Last time the fluid went straight to Yale, and they grew the cells there and did the analysis.  This time, they grew the cells in Toronto first and then sent the cultured cells to Yale.  I suspect that Toronto is not as skilled in this as Yale is, and it has taken longer.

I checked in on Thursday and apparently Yale had only received the cells the day before. GRRR.  I don't know how long it takes for them to analyze them, but plan on asking my genetic counsellor.

My genetic counsellor was away last week, so I had been talking to another counsellor, who had no idea how long it would take. Mine is supposedly back today, but I have called and her voicemail hasn't changed yet from saying she's away until today.

We're trying to just "go on" with life at this point while we're waiting.  I'm trying to put on a good face, but I don't think I'm succeeding very well at it!

Thankfully today was my once a month cleaning lady, so at least the house is in better shape! 

On the bright side, I *think* we may have come up with a name, but it's not 100% yet.

My 20 week u/s is on Thursday.

I'd like to find out one way or another so that I can plan either way.  The emotional strain of waiting leaves me very physically tired.  Once we know, I can either plan on taking a sick leave either through work (not sure if it would be granted since they deal with an external agency for leaves now) or through EI, or actually start planning for baby to arrive by planning, shopping, pricing items, etc.

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