Thursday, November 8, 2012

Online Shopping with World Vision. The Perfect Gift!

Christmas is less than seven weeks away! Have you started your holiday shopping yet?  I have to admit that I am not a fan of going to the malls during the Christmas season.  I find it a bit of an overwhelming experience.  Ideally I would have all my Christmas shopping done before Halloween, but I think I've only been that organized twice.

I *Love* online shopping.  Being able to sit at home, browse, order and know that the job is done is fabulous. But even with online shopping, sometimes there is just that one person that you have no idea what to buy for them.

Or maybe you have reached a point in your life that you don't need anything else in your home.

I have an idea for you!

Have you heard of World Vision?  They have a fabulous Christmas catalogue.  Don't know what to buy someone? Buy something meaningful for someone else in the name of the person you would normally buy for.  I bet they will be more delighted than you can imagine at how nice your gift to them is!

Or, like a retired couple I know, encourage others to look and buy from this catalogue as their Christmas gift to you.

The first time I heard of this program was in 2003.  Our son Colin was born, and then died on his third day of life due to a genetic disorder that had no treatment at the time.

World Vision picture of gift of a goat.
 A few weeks afterwards, I received a card in the mail from World Vision, stating that my mother in law had purchased a goat in Colin's memory.  There was nothing she could do for our son (her first grandson), but she wanted to be able to help someone else in his memory.  How lovely! Much nicer than sending flowers.

A goat provides meat, milk and income for a family.

There are animals for everyone in the catalogue!  Take a look for yourself!!

World Vision picture of the gift of a beehive.
There are many fabulous ideas.  One of the most needed items is a beehive.  It provides up to 50kg of honey that can then be used or sold.

For $75 feed 50 children lunch for a month!
$75.00 doesn't go very far in Canada for food.  However, due to matching programmes, this same amount will feed 50 schoolchildren lunch for a month. 

Had you heard of the World Vision gift catalogue before? If not, I hope it has inspired you with some new Christmas giving ideas!

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  1. the gifts at World Vision are thoughtful and helps many people lovely post


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