Saturday, June 7, 2014

Breathtaking Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario

Last weekend, we went on a family trip to Ottawa.  I had won a weekend to the Ottawa Marriott hotel, and we used that for this weekend stay. Separately, I won a $250 gift certificate to Rideau Centre, which is Ottawa's lovely downtown shopping mall. The shopping story on this is unfortunately only exciting for our daughter, as it was all spent on needed shoes for her.  (size 8.5 and 9 mens, which is a 10.5 and 11 ladies!)

Despite having been to Ottawa many times, we had never been through the Parliament buildings!  The tour is well worth the time.  The parliament buildings are beautiful.  Fantastic architecture, stained glass windows, including some very modern ones representing some of Canada's newer moments, and fantanstic stone work.

Tours of the parliament buildings are free.  You get tickets across the road on a first come first serve basis, but if you go early in the morning, you can pick tickets for a tour later in the afternoon.

The highlight of the tour for our family was the Library of Congress.  It was breathtaking.  As our tour group entered, there was an audible gasp from everyone as they entered.  Ornate, intricate woodwork is everywhere.
Stunning Woodwork and Book Collections at the Ottawa Library of Congress
Ottawa Library of Parliament. Stunning!

Statue of Queen Victoria in the Ottawa Library of Parliament
Statue of Queen Victoria at Ottawa Library of Parliament

Fantastic Libraries of the World
Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario

Libraries to Dream of!  Breathtaking Libraries, Books.
Breathtaking Federal Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario

I'd love to spend a few hours in this breathtaking library!

For historical info on the library, including the fires it has survived, see:


  1. I love Canadian history and politics, have graduated with a history degree and YET I STILL have never been to Parliament or Queen's Park. I fear I will nerd out hard when I do, haha. Oh my goodness I would absolutely LOVE to work in the Library of Parliament. Can you imagine being surrounded by all that beauty every day?!

  2. I *almost* asked a couple staff if they ever tire of the beauty, but was afraid that I would hear the answer "yes!" So I pretended that it's always like living/working in a fantasy land!


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