Monday, June 5, 2017

It's Been a While

It's been a long while since I've posted anything.

So, today, I'm writing for pleasure. Isn't that the nicest thing about being able to write? That you can write just for yourself. It doesn't matter if anyone reads it at all.

We are nearly halfway into the year. I'm hoping for change. Really, I need to PLAN change.

My husband and I are both exhausted. Work and life have made our bodies physically, emotionally, and probably spiritually tired.

The week before Christmas, our car was totalled due to someone in front of our vehicle who didn't look before turning left off the highway, and resulted in the oncoming vehicle from the other direction swerving to avoid killing the stupid driver (who left the scene btw), and clipped our vehicle as a result. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

In February, my mother in law had heart surgery. This was one year after his dad had a major heart attack with major surgery. His grandmother then fell ill very shortly after, and we helped with some of her end of life care, but being that we are a 7-8 hour drive away it made for a lot of travelling. Also, since it was March, I was in the middle of tax season.

The bulk of tax season has come and gone, and it was good. My business has increased, but I am still working part time at my other jobs, and hit my breaking point of mental and physical exhaustion a couple of times during the season. I have let my manager from the one job know that I am ready to reduce hours again at some point before next tax season, reducing by another day a week. Perhaps I will be ready to reduce by more than that by the time I actually reduce my hours. I need to do some researching and planning first.

Looking ahead, we have an exchange student from Spain arriving in August. We don't have the details yet though. She will stay 3 months, and then our daughter will travel to her home for 3 months in February of 2018.

Our daughter also just got her first job for the summer, which is exciting. She's also doing an online course to get it out of the way to make room for an elective for next year.

And just by writing that all out, I feel slightly better.

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  1. Thanks Cindy, I'm always excited to see how you are doing. Praying for your refreshing. Deborah


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