Making ANOTHER Leap: Decreasing Employment Hours to Increase Self-Employment

I posted that in early 2016 I was reducing hours at my job in order to increase self-employment. It's time to do that again.  I've put in notice that I would like to decrease my hours from 20 hours/week to 14 hours a week at job 1.  I've also stopped working at Job 2 during the months of March and April which means I'm working slightly less there as well on average. There have been hourly pay increases at both jobs over time as well. My updated chart is below. For 2017 my self-employment was FORTY percent of my income. I'm super excited about reducing my employment hours once again, and being able to have more time to do more self-employment of Personal Income Taxes and Payroll Services. Primary job: (25 hours/week) 2012: 79% of income  2013: 75% of income  2014: 80% of income  2015: 70% of income 2016: 55% of income (decrease to 20 hours/week) 2017: 51% of income   Secondary job: (average of 5 hours/week) 2012: 12% of income  2013: 13% of inco

Making a Leap: Reducing Employment Hours to Increase Self-Employment

Looking back to 2012, one of my goals was to increase my self-employment income to be more than 15% of my income for the year.  Three years later, I've surpassed this goal!  Although we aren't at the end of 2015 yet, I can estimate my numbers quite well.  There is a possibility that my self-employment income will be more than I have forecasted. Primary job: (25 hours/week) 2012: 79% of income  2013: 75% of income  2014: 80% of income  2015: 70% of income  Secondary job: (average of 5 hours/week) 2012: 12% of income  2013: 13% of income  2014: 10% of income  2015: 10% of income Self -Employment: 2012: 5% of income 2013: 11% of income 2014: 10% of income 2015: 20% of income Other Income: 2012: 4% of income (Maternity Employment Insurance during January) WOOT!! This year my NET self-employment income will be 20% of my total income.  I've grown business slowly, quite purposefully.  I havn't advertised due to fear of growing too fast, and not hav

2013 Contest Winnings Totals

As a follow up to my post in July on my 2013 Contest Winnings at that point , I thought I should post the winnings for the rest of the year. In July, I had won a total of $940 worth of prizes. 2013 Winnings (2nd Half of Year) Google Nexus 7 Tablet x 2 (both my husband & I won one)  Kitkat Contest  Value $450 Google Play Codes from Kitkat Contest Value $30 $100 VISA Giftcard from Royal Bank Small Biz Twitter chat  Value $100 $100 Giftcard to Glamagirls from Tweenhood  Value $100 2 Books Muse & Secret Shared from @BookaliciousCA Value $30 $10 iTunes Giftcard from @PTPA  Value $10 2nd Half of Year Total: $710 Total for 2013: $1650

Trip to Washington, DC - Tips from a Canadian

Last week we travelled to the Washington DC area from Southern Ontario, Canada.  We crossed the border in Buffalo, NY.  Here are my tips and tricks: 1) Take the scenic highways.   We took scenic highways on the way down, and some of the interstate highways on the way home.  The scenic highways, particularly those in Pennsylvania were absolutely gorgeous.  Travelling through the mountains is a must!  However, I wouldn't advise this trip for winter, as the slopes on some of the roads were crazy steep, and very well could be treacherous for inexperienced drivers in the winter.  2) Stay outside of DC.   Accomodation within DC is extremely expensive, and still not cheap on the outskirts.  We stayed in Silver Springs one night, and in Bethesda for three nights.  Both are on the metro (subway) line, which makes downtown DC easily accessible.  We used Hotwire to book our hotels. 3) Take the Metro (Subway).   Don't attempt driving to any of the tourist sites.  Traffic is ridiculou

Participating in Research Study at NIH for Urea Cycle Disorders

Note: i will add in some pictures later. My phone hasn't done a Google back up of the pictures I've taken yet. Friday, November 8th would be our son Kyles second birthday. While being aggressively treated for Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency (OTC Deficiency), a urea cycle disorder, with the hopes of having him obtaining a liver transplant, he acquired an E Coli infection at the hospital. The infection was not caught in time, and in doing the treatment for the OTC, dialysis was performed, which in turn spread the infection throughout the entire body. Last year at this time, we had a follow up appointment at the hospital. I'm hopeful that in my participating, new things will be learned that will help future generations. This year, at this same time, I am at the National Institute of Health (NIH), in the United States, participating as a research subject in a study called MINI. It stands for Metabolism, Infection and Immunity in Inborn Errors of Metabolism. They had s

Education Options We've Been Offered (Gifted vs French Immersion)

A couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from the principal of another school in our area, wondering if our daughter might be interested in attending there next year.  She met the criteria for the gifted program, and she has a choice of staying within her own school and having a slightly adapted program, or switching schools into the gifted program. The fact that she met the criteria was not a surprise to us.  Every teacher she has had over the years has commented that she probably fits into the "gifted" category.  My husband was in gifted as a kid, and I was always one point away from meeting the criteria, but instead, I skipped two grades (grade 1 and grade 8). The gifted program in our city is very small.  It is currently one classroom of students ranging from grade 5 to grade 8.  They are sometimes broken up into grade level (5/6 vs 7/8), and for that reason there are 1.5 teachers designated towards this class.  We went on a tour earlier this week, and I was b

National Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day

October 15th is National Pregnancy Loss and Remembrance Day. We are coming up on October 24th, which is what would have/could have been the 1st birthday of our son Kyle.  He died at Toronto Sick Kids last November from an E. Coli infection while waiting for a liver transplant, which was to be the treatment for a genetic metabolic disorder called Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency aka OTC Deficiency. It's an extremely difficult genetic situation to manage with drugs until the point of transplant. But the doctors were hopeful. They were willing to try everything   possible for us. It was the very first time that Sick Kids was dealing with a case where it was known before birth that a liver transplant would be needed.  In order to have him on the transplant list immediately after birth and to help search for a living liver donor, we found out his blood type before being born, through the extra sample of amniotic fluid during the pregnancy.  There were high risk pregnancy speci