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Making a Leap: Reducing Employment Hours to Increase Self-Employment

Looking back to 2012, one of my goals was to increase my self-employment income to be more than 15% of my income for the year.  Three years later, I've surpassed this goal!  Although we aren't at the end of 2015 yet, I can estimate my numbers quite well.  There is a possibility that my self-employment income will be more than I have forecasted. Primary job: (25 hours/week) 2012: 79% of income  2013: 75% of income  2014: 80% of income  2015: 70% of income  Secondary job: (average of 5 hours/week) 2012: 12% of income  2013: 13% of income  2014: 10% of income  2015: 10% of income Self -Employment: 2012: 5% of income 2013: 11% of income 2014: 10% of income 2015: 20% of income Other Income: 2012: 4% of income (Maternity Employment Insurance during January) WOOT!! This year my NET self-employment income will be 20% of my total income.  I've grown business slowly, quite purposefully.  I havn't advertised due to fear of growing too fast, and not hav