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Making ANOTHER Leap: Decreasing Employment Hours to Increase Self-Employment

I posted that in early 2016 I was reducing hours at my job in order to increase self-employment. It's time to do that again.  I've put in notice that I would like to decrease my hours from 20 hours/week to 14 hours a week at job 1.  I've also stopped working at Job 2 during the months of March and April which means I'm working slightly less there as well on average. There have been hourly pay increases at both jobs over time as well. My updated chart is below. For 2017 my self-employment was FORTY percent of my income. I'm super excited about reducing my employment hours once again, and being able to have more time to do more self-employment of Personal Income Taxes and Payroll Services. Primary job: (25 hours/week) 2012: 79% of income  2013: 75% of income  2014: 80% of income  2015: 70% of income 2016: 55% of income (decrease to 20 hours/week) 2017: 51% of income   Secondary job: (average of 5 hours/week) 2012: 12% of income  2013: 13% of inco